in this issue:

  • The Story of the USS Alligator
  • General G. J. Rains, Chief of the Confederate Torpedo Service
  • CSS David attack the Ironclad USS New Ironside
  • Plus Book reviews Model reviews and much more

Civil War Navy magazine, published quarterly, was launched in 2012 to explore and describe in detail the naval history of the conflict and more fully underpin its military role and importance. The Civil War naval history explodes into life on the pages of Civil War Navy, a magazine about a time-honored era. You'll discover in each issue articles on military and civilian topics and research into the people and artifacts that make this historic episode of American naval history so fascinating. Period black and white photographs, as well as modern color photographs, illuminate the struggle and supplement well- written, authoritative stories that define the naval history during The War Between The States.

what you will Find....

  • Union and Confederate naval strategies
  • Coastal and river forts and defenses
  • Historic photos of naval personnel and ships
  • Profiles and histories of Union and Confederate warships
  • Joint naval and army actions
  • Key officer and historic figure photos and profiles
  • Battles and campaigns on key rivers, ports, and the oceans
  • Artifact and shipwrecks restoration/preservation efforts and news
  • Weapon descriptions
  • Naval museum feature articles
  • Reviews and photos of Civil War ship models
  • Book reviews
  • Historic Civil War naval painting descriptions


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