Volume 4 Issue 1 fall 16

Shipping october 2016

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    In this issue:
  • The Story of the USS Alligator.
  • General G. J. Rains, Chief of the Confederate Torpedo Service.
  • CSS David attack the Ironclad USS New Ironside.
  • Plus Book reviews Model reviews and much more!

From the Publisher

The Civil War naval history explodes into life on the pages of Civil War Navy, a brand new magazine about a time-honored era. You'll discover in each issue articles on military and civilian topics and research into the people and artifacts that make this historic episode of American naval history so fascinating. Glorious color photographs illuminate the struggle and illustrate well-written, authoritative stories that define the naval history during The War Between The States.

Thank you for checking out Civil War Navy the Magazine. We will try to show our attention to detail in each issue and present it in a visually appealing, easy-to-read format. Suggestions from our readers and advertisers are always welcomed. This is really your magazine, so let us know what you'd like to see featured.

In Each Issue You'll Find

  • Articles on leaders, battles, and events of Civil War Navy.
  • Profiles on two or more ships.
  • Reviews of ship models.
  • Profiles on weapons.
  • Book reviews, interviews, trivia, and fascinating facts


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